human 1: „hey you want an orange?
human 2: „yeah that would be great“
human 1: „well that’s a pity, because i won't give you one!“
humans 3/4/5 in a chorus: „you’re so mean - no one will do you any favours anymore“
(human 2 steals the orange and starts to run)
human 1: „hey f::k, give me back that orange!“
human 2: „take it, if you can!“
human 1: „come on guys, help me catching the thief!“
human 6: „i ate so many oranges - i’m too full to run!“
humans 3/4/5 in a chorus: „no favours anymore, no favours anymore, no favours anymore“
(human 7 wrestles down human 2)
human 7: „ i got back the orange! hey human being 1, what will you give me for it?“
human 1: „but it was mine! f::k…. ok, what if i give you some tenderness?“
human 7: „some tenderness and a kiss!“

„dodai“ is a juggling/dance/theatre experiment about a group confronted with everyday problems concerning the questions what is mine? and what is yours? and what do we need to share to live a better life.

regie and concept: stefan sing
outside eye: julia christ
 ( )
music: tad klimp  ( )

light-design: emese csornai  ( )
performers: cate boschetti, mitja ley, tobias dohm, roman skadra, ariane oechsner, oli pinchbek, liam wilson, alexis rouvre

dossier critical-mess
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