„DODAI“ is the combination of the italian „do“ (i give) and „dai“ (you give).
„DODAI“ is a juggling/dance/theatre experiment about seven individuals confronted with everyday problems concerning the question what is mine? what is yours? and what do we need to share to live a better life.
The individual is a social animal, who needs society to grow.  As society helps the individual in numerous ways, great individuals also contribute to society by their wisdom, experience and creative propositions. In a well ordered society, there would be lasting harmony between the two. But when is society well-ordered? And when do we follow society for reasons other than „because we just do it like this“? And when do we find courage to break out and show society new ways of existing? 

regie and concept: stefan sing
outside eye: julia christ
 ( http://www.julia-christ.com/fr/ ) // cristiana casadio // darragh mc loughlin // ben richter
music: tad klimp  ( https://www.tadklimp.com/ )

light-design: emese csornai  ( http://www.emesecsornai.com/ )
performers: cate boschetti, sarah bourhis, tobias dohm, roman skadra, noah schiltknecht, liam wilson and stefan sing

support and financial aid

- „Koproduziert durch das Circus-Dance Festival Residenzprogramm - Tanzpakt Stadt-Land-Bund“, welches
  von TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien gefördert ist.
- Flottmann-Hallen Herne
- „Katakomben - Center for performing Arts“
- „Katapult-Berlin“


19.1.2020 - 1.2.2020: residency in the flottmannhallen-herne ( http://www.flottmann-hallen.de/ )
31.1.2020: showing in flottmannhallen-herne (20h)
1.2.2020: showing in flottmannhallen-herne (20h)
29.5.2020: workshop for critical-mess flashmob at cologne circus-dance-festival
1.6.2020: premiere of "DODAI" at the cologne circus-dance-festival
14.8.2020-16.8.2020: "DODAI" at the OFCA-Festival in Olesnica (Poland)
5.2.2021-13.2.2021: "DODAI" at the Tanzbiennale in Heidelberg



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Dossier Critical-Mess (francais)
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