Through evolutionary processes, nature has been working for about 4.6 billion years to develop organisms that fit into our environment in an energy-efficient, resource-saving and sustainable way. If these organisms join together, a superorganism can emerge that possesses properties and structures that none of the individual organisms had themselves.
The juggling collective "Critical-Mess" takes this idea as a springboard for their new piece "superorganism".
The virtuoso interplay of seven human organisms, the juggling focused on their imagery, accompanied by the electronic sounds of Fabian Laute creates a hypnotic vortex that draws the performers on a trance-like journey into the world of evolution and networks.

Director: Stefan Sing
Co-Director: Howard Katz
Performers: Kate Boschetti, Tobi Dohm, Noah Schiltknecht, Liam Wilson, Mitja Ley, Viola Dix and Stefan Sing
Music: Fabian Laute

Light-Design: Citronella Antholz
Costume-Design: Marie Stremmel
Big Thanks to Julia Pinter, Alexandre Delquié (Bow) & Cristiana Casadio

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR


4.5.23 Theaterhaus Schöneweide, 1st. showing
5.5.23 Theaterhaus Schöneweide, 2nd showing
26.5.23 Strassentheaterfestival Holzminden, Premiere
Strassentheaterfestival Holzminden
22.6-25.6.23 Tollwood Festival München
30.7.23 EJC Lublin