is a new project from juggler Stefan Sing and sound designer Alex Lempert.
180 atoms are continously rearranged in space and time. One possible universe after another is created. One possible universe after another is destroyed. Destruction with brutal unbridled joy, as it lays the ground for something new. We never arrive, we never leave. We come and go and only camp briefly to catch our breath - nomads of existence.
There are no boundaries. The internal merges with the external. Subject and object dissolve into an open structure. The infinitely small merges with the infinitely large. The nouns dissolve and verbs take their place.
"IN:FORM:AT.ION" whsipers a loud "yes" to Sysiphos and celebrates the enigmatic beauty found in the ephemerality of life.

IN:FORM:AT.ION is impossible to reproduce in the same way twice, as It exists in a state of fluidity, adapting and evolving in response to its environment and in response to the always changing interplay between the juggler and the musician.

©Igor Rippak
©Igor Rippak
Technical-Rider IN:FOrM:AT.ION
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